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Smart Woman Securities (SWS) is a not-for-profit organization focused on educating young women about investing in the financial markets through instructive seminars, mentoring initiatives, and meetings with successful investors such as Warren Buffett. SWS is one of the few female-only investment organizations featuring undergraduate women in the United States. Our mission is to endow every woman with the proper skills and training in order to successfully invest on her own.


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The SWS Education Program has been developed from extensive meetings with investment professionals, lengthy research on the subjects involved, and speaking to students on what they wish to learn about investing, as well as how they wish to learn. Our Education Program consists of a 10-week Seminar Series lead by experienced professionals and an Investment Project that is executed simultaneously to the Seminar Series.





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The SWS Mentoring Initiative is designed to expose SWS Associates to accomplished industry professionals. Professional Mentors offer career and professional advice to students who want to learn more about opportunities within the investment field. Industry Mentors work with Research Teams to offer advice and feedback, guiding Analysts through their areas of expertise. Although ultimate investment decisions are left to the students, mentors serve as invaluable resources to students through the research and investment process.


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Not only are our educational programs supplemented by our mentoring initiatives, but SWS culminates in real-life investment experience for the students. After completion of the Seminar Series and Investment Project, students that wish to continue with SWS may have the opportunity to join a Research Team as an Analyst. Research Teams conduct research within various industries and make investment recommendations to a student-run Investment Board. The Board ultimately makes the decisions for the chapter's Investment Fund.


This “learning-by-doing” model serves to educate students about investing by giving them a hands-on opportunity to manage a portfolio.  It also contributes to the financial health of the organization by ensuring that informed students are coming together to make judicious investments for the chapter’s fund.


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