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SWS currently operates at 25 schools across the country!


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Boston College

Since: January 2010

Boston, MA


Contact: bostoncollege@smartwomansecurities.com









Brown University

Since: January 2011

Providence, RI


Contact: brown@smartwomansecurities.com






Bowdoin College

Since: January 2017

Brunswick, ME


Contact: bowdoin@smartwomansecurities.com











Carnegie Mellon University

Since: January 2012

Pittsburgh, PA


Contact: carnegiemellon@smartwomansecurities.com











Columbia University

Since: January 2008

New York, NY


Contact: columbia@smartwomansecurities.com









Cornell University

Since: January 2010

Ithaca, NY


Contact: cornell@smartwomansecurities.com









Dartmouth College

Since: January 2010

Hanover, NH


Contact: dartmouth@smartwomansecurities.com









Duke University

Since: January 2011

Durham, NC


Contact: duke@smartwomansecurities.com









Fordham University

Since: January 2009

New York, NY


Contact: fordham@smartwomansecurities.com








Georgetown University

Since: January 2011

Washington D.C.


Contact: georgetown@smartwomansecurities.com









Gettysburg College

Since: January 2012

Gettysburg, PA


Contact: gettysburg@smartwomansecurities.com









Harvard University

Since: January 2006

Cambridge, MA


Contact: harvard@smartwomansecurities.com










Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Since: January 2011

Cambridge, MA


Contact: mit@smartwomansecurities.com










New York University

Since: January 2012

New York, NY


Contact: nyu@smartwomansecurities.com









Notre Dame

Since: January 2014

Notre Dame, IN


Contact: notredame@smartwomansecurities.com








Princeton University

Since: January 2010

Princeton, NJ


Contact: princeton@smartwomansecurities.com







Stanford University

Since: January 2016

Stanford, CA


Contact: stanford@smartwomansecurities.com









University of California - Berkeley

Since: January 2015

Berkeley, CA


Contact: berkeley@smartwomansecurities.com








University of Chicago

Since: January 2012

Chicago, IL


Contact: uchicago@smartwomansecurities.com









University of Pennsylvania

Since: January 2014

Philadelphia, PA


Contact: penn@smartwomansecurities.com






University of Southern California

Since: January 2017

Los Angeles, CA


Contact: usc@smartwomansecurities.com









University of Virginia

Since: January 2011

Charlottesville, VA


Contact: uva@smartwomansecurities.com









Wellesley College

Since: January 2016

Wellesley, MA


Contact: wellesley@smartwomansecurities.com









The College of William & Mary

Since: January 2015

Williamsburg, VA


Contact: williamandmary@smartwomansecurities.com








Yale University

Since: January 2009

New Haven, CT


Contact: yale@smartwomansecurities.com






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