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Recruiting for new SWS chapters in 2017-2018 is now closed, the next recruiting season will begin in Summer 2018.


To learn more about bringing SWS to your school, please review the information below.

starting a chapter of SWS


Smart Woman Securities (SWS) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. At the national level, SWS is run by an Executive Director who is overseen by a Board of Directors responsible for overall policy and direction of SWS. At the chapter level, all SWS chapters are independently-run entities separate from SWS National.



Currently, applications to become a chapter of SWS are limited to undergraduate students on US campuses.

SWS membership and participation is exclusively available to students at one of our existing chapters.



SWS chapters

While SWS provides resources, support, and guidance for its chapter organizations and leaders, each chapter is independently run by students.  Students are responsible for the following:

  • Recruiting speakers
  • Recruiting and retaining members
  • Managing budgets
  • Planning and executing all programs
  • Marketing events
  • Reporting timely updates to National
  • Fundraising
  • Managing all IRS reporting needs
  • Other (applying for student organization recognition, complying with school regulation, organizing all chapter logistics, etc.)

SWS National provides the following resources for chapters:

  • Initial start-up funding
  • Usage of SWS logos and media
  • Access to SWS curriculum and research, resources
  • Organizational materials (how-to guides, best practices, templates, etc)
  • Interaction with other SWS chapters
  • Alumni advisors


All chapters are autonomous from the national organization and may set its own internal policies, including controlling its structure, programming, and finances although we encourage you to follow our recommended guidelines.



why start a chapter of SWS?

  • Structure: SWS provides a formalized education model with recommended programs to be implemented at each chapter
  • Independence: At the same time, SWS allows student leaders the flexibility to build the chapter programs around what is best for the students
  • Resources: SWS provides extensive support and guidance, along with available startup funds for each new chapter
  • Network: Starting any student organization requires passion, dedication, and resources; our extensive network provides chapter leaders with access to potential speakers and mentors, in addition to greater learning opportunities

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SWS new chapter timeline


Below, you will find a sample timeline for our chapter recruitment process. Please review to familiarize yourself with our process and look for the Informational Call Dates to be announced in Summer 2018.



Action Description Timeline Follow-Up
Initial Contact

Email of interest, then reserve spot and participate in informational conference call.

Monthly Informational Conference Calls



After participation in an informational call, a prospective chapter can request an application from SWS National.
Chapter Interest Application
Prospective chapters must fill out an application detailing initial interest in starting a new chapter of SWS.

Application due:



SWS National will make the decision to move forward with the application within 2 weeks. If approved, student leaders will then be given a starter kit, with recommendations for starting to build a chapter infrastructure and plan for programs. 
Soft Launch Prospectus (SLP) 
Prospective chapters give SWS National an update on the chapter infrastructure, as well as expand on details in the application.A founding team consisting of 4-5 members must be identified.

SLP due


SWS National will make the decision to move forward within 2 weeks of receiving the SLP.  If approved, student leaders will immediately begin to introduce SWS on campus with the soft launch events. 
Soft Launch on Campus 
Prospective chapters host events on campus to spread the word about SWS 
8-10 weeks
Ongoing guidance from SWS National 
Chapter Prospectus (CP) 
During the soft launch, student leaders also work on finalizing chapter materials, formalizing program plans, and preparing the final chapter prospectus (CP) to become an official SWS chapter 

CP due


SWS National will make the decision to approve a new chapter of SWS within 3 weeks of receiving the CP.  If approved, new chapters must sign an operating and licensing agreement, and will be eligible to receive reimbursable expenses. New chapters will also be given access to all SWS resources.  Chapters are then expected to operate independently, working through the summer to plan and execute programs for an official launch in the fall 


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get started



If you are interested in starting a chapter of SWS at your school in 2018-2019, please check back in Summer 2018 for Prospective Chapter Informational Call dates.


After the initial call with SWS National, students who wish to start a new chapter of SWS will be able to request a Chapter Interest Application. Please review the timeline above to see how the application process works. All prospective chapters must attend a scheduled call in order to receive an application, so please register in advance when the dates are announced to ensure that your spot will be reserved.



If you have any questions, feel free to email us at info@smartwomansecurities.com.

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