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SWS chapters



Boston College

Email: bostoncollege@smartwomansecurities.com


Brown University

Email: brown@smartwomansecurities.com


Carnegie Mellon University

Email: carnegiemellon@smartwomansecurities.com


Cornell University

Email: cornell@smartwomansecurities.com


Columbia University

Email: columbia@smartwomansecurities.com


Dartmouth College

Email: dartmouth@smartwomansecurities.com


Duke University

Email: duke@smartwomansecurities.com


Fordham University

Email: fordham@smartwomansecurities.com


Georgetown University

Email: georgetown@smartwomansecurities.com


Gettysburg College

Email: gettysburg@smartwomansecurities.com


Harvard University

Email: harvard@smartwomansecurities.com


Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Email: mit@smartwomansecurities.com


New York University

Email: nyu@smartwomansecurities.com


Notre Dame

Email: notredame@smartwomansecurities.com


Princeton University

Email: princeton@smartwomansecurities.com


Stanford University

Email: stanford@smartwomansecurities.com


University of California - Berkeley

Email: berkeley@smartwomansecurities.com


University of Chicago

Email: uchicago@smartwomansecurities.com


University of Pennsylvania

Email: penn@smartwomansecurities.com


University of Virginia

Email: uva@smartwomansecurities.com


College of William and Mary

Email: williamandmary@smartwomansecurities.com


Wellesley College

Email: wellesley@smartwomansecurities.com


Yale University

Email: yale@smartwomansecurities.com




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