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Investment education is the foundation of SWS, as the organization ultimately aims to provide students with the skills necessary to research companies and make investment decisions.  The SWS education model is based on several tenets which combine to form a comprehensive and cumulative curriculum which we believe is helpful in giving students a basic framework in which to learn about investing.  All our educational programs are supplemented by our mentoring initiatives, and culminate in real-life investment experience for the students. This ultimate “learning-by-doing” model is what we emphasize to our members in SWS.




components of the SWS Education Program:

In the SWS education model, all participants must complete the following in order to become an SWS Associate. Following the formal Education Program in the fall semester, SWS Associates have the opportunity to join a Research Team as an Analyst, where they will work within an industry to conduct more research on particular companies.


The SWS model is predicated on more than just the academic experience of attending seminars and writing Investment Reports. Instead, we also aim to give women exposure to successful investors and mentors, as well as practical applied experience with managing a real investment portfolio. Click here to learn more about mentors in SWS, as well as investment education in the organization.



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