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There are several ways to get involved with SWS.

If you are a student, there are many opportunities to get involved and start learning.

If you are a professional, there are several ways to support SWS and volunteer your time and talent.


for students


There are many opportunities for students to get involved with SWS on campus. Even if SWS is not located at your chapter, there are still ways to take advantage of our programs, and perhaps even open a chapter at your school.




join SWS as an Associate

To become an SWS Associate, all students must go through the Education Program in the Fall semester. Completing the program is a great way to learn more about investing in a structured setting, apply your skills learned in a practical way, and meet other like-minded individuals. For more information about this process of becoming an SWS Associate, please contact SWS leadership at your chapter.


read up on news and events on campus

Check your chapter's homepage to get more information on what is happening on your campus, including information session, seminar times, and more!


attend an SWS event

SWS holds many events that are open to all students, not just our members. We also support and strongly recommend many other events outside of SWS that may be helpful for women to learn more about investing.



open a chapter of SWS at your school

We continue to expand our growth to college campuses across the country. If you are interested in opening up a chapter of SWS at your school, please email us for more information.



start learning!

The goal of SWS is to enable women to learn more about finance and investing. As everyone learns in different ways, we hope that even if you decide not to join SWS, that you will take an active approach to learning about investing and your finances. On our site, we have a recommended reading list as well as other links which may be helpful for you to get started!


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for professionals


We welcome outside support through many channels. If you are interested in interacting with students through SWS, please click here to let us know what areas where you would like to get involved. Also, if you are interested in making a financial donation, see how your contribution will benefit our organization.


dlead a seminar or speaker session

SWS welcomes qualified professionals to lead our educational seminars and speaker sessions in the SWS Education Program.  Learn more about our program here, along with past presentations through the Seminar Series. If you are interested in serving as a speaker, please contact SWS leadership at your local college chapter.



serve as a mentor

SWS is always seeking women and men to serve as Mentors for SWS Members.  For more information about becoming a mentor, please visit our mentoring page. If you are interested in serving as a mentor, contact SWS leadership at your local college chapter.



make a financial contribution

SWS is a 501c3 non-profit organization and seeks funding through grants, partnerships, and private donations. If you are interested in supporting SWS, you can learn more here or make a donation.





partner with us

If your firm is interested in serving as a Corporate Partner for SWS National, please contact us.



host a company visit

If you or your firm are interested in hosting students, please contact us for more information. SWS typically reserves student involvement for our Corporate Partners, but we have held unique events in the past that benefit our members.




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