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The ultimate goal of SWS is to educate women about investing and the financial markets. Thus, SWS encourages real-life investment experiences for students.  In the SWS model, Research Teams led by students conduct research within various industries and make investment recommendations to a student-run Investment Board at each chapter. The Investment Board reviews all stock reports, discusses stock pitches, and ultimately makes a decision for the chapter's Investment Fund. The SWS “learning-by-doing” model serves to educate students about investing by giving them a hands-on opportunity to manage a portfolio. 


To invest in the market, SWS chapters receive donations from individuals and corporate partners who want to help women learn about investing and financial responsibility. Using this capital, students at each chapter conduct their own research, create reports, and ultimately make investment decisions.


SWS investment funds are independently overseen by student leaders at each chapter, who assume all responsibility for managing the fund.



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