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In our effort to achieve the mission of SWS, we also aim to provide an opportunity for our members to interact with successful women and men in business. The SWS Mentoring initiative is designed to expose students to accomplished professionals in the fields of finance and business. Industry Mentors specialize in helping SWS Research Analysts to become more knowledgable about a certain industry. Serving as another resource, the role of Professional Mentors is to provide students with an outlet in which to learn about a broad range of interests in investing and business.



Industry Mentors


Industry Mentors are professionals that are knowledgeable in the industry that the students are studying. Industry Mentors help out in the Investment Project, and also serve as resources for Research Teams that are making stock recommendations within an industry.  They share their expertise through conference calls, workshops, and a variety of other realms. Although ultimate investment decisions are left to the SWS Board, Industry Mentors serve as invaluable resources to SWS members and help guide students through the research and investment process.

Professional Mentors


Professional Mentors are professionals that have been successful in various areas of business, and can serve as resources for our members in a variety of ways. Professional Mentors offer insight into questions about investing and finance or even career opportunities, and are available to answer questions about personal decisions related to these fields.



We believe that active and engaging mentoring can be incredibly beneficial for women learning about investing for the first time. If you are interested in becoming either an Industry or a Professional mentor, please email us at mentoring@smartwomansecurities.com. We are happy to welcome qualified men and women who want to serve as mentors.


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