-SWS Alumni Outreach Survey


Please register below and tell us a little bit about yourself and how you would like to stay involved as an SWS Alum. We have many opportunities for your interaction with our current members but it's ok if you just want to socialize with us at our alumni mixers or if you just want to be included on our mailing list.


Whatever you decide, we thank you for your being part of the ever expanding

Smart Woman Securities community!


First Name:
Last Name:
Email Address:
Phone Number:
What city are you currently living in?
Hong Kong
San Francisco
Other (Please specify location in last question about additional comments.)
Year of undergraduate graduation:
When did you complete the seminar series and become a full member of SWS?
2006 Spring
2006 Fall
2007 Spring
2007 Fall
2008 Spring
2008 Fall
2009 Spring
2009 Fall
2010 Spring
2010 Fall
2011 Spring
2011 Fall
2012 Spring
2012 Fall
2013 Spring
2013 Fall
2014 Spring
2014 Fall
2015 Spring
2015 Fall
2016 Spring
What was your major?
Upon graduation, what was your next step?
Started working
Went to grad school
Took some time off
If employed, who is your current employer?
If employed, what is your current job title and position?
If attending grad school, what school and what program?
Would you be interested in participating in any of the following programs? Please check all that apply.
Serving as a mentor to individual members
Serving as an advisor to chapter Executive Boards
Serving as an advisor to Research Teams
Serving as an advisor to Investment Boards
Serving as a judge in the Stock Pitch Competition
Serving as a speaker in the seminar series
Assist with new chapter recruiting
Cohost informational chapter calls on topics such as marketing, recruiting, budgeting, fundraising, etc.
Update/Rewrite curriculum/presentations
Serve on a SWS Alumni panel at The National Conference in NYC in Fall 2017
Participate in regional social events
Serve as an alumni coordinator
Assist with social media updates
Unable to commit at this time
Please comment on how your background and experiences would make you a great fit for the position you would like to volunteer for, as selected in the previous question.
Please comment on your favorite experience as an SWS member.
Please share a brief bio of your SWS involvement.
Please share a story of how SWS benefited you.
Please let us know if there are any areas where you would like to be involved that we have not mentioned.
Please share any ideas that you may have on growing the organization.
(Optional) Please upload your resume. This will serve two purposes. 1.)will help us best match your experience/background with your preferred volunteer position. 2.)Allow us to build a directory of our Alumni through the years.
Please list the name, email and position of a contact at your employer that you feel would have an interest in being involved with SWS through sponsorship opportunities.
Many of our students have asked to reach out to alums for advice, for seminar speakers, for panelists and to send invitations to their local events, please confirm that you do or do not want your email information shared.
Yes (ok to share preferred email, school, current location and current position)
No (do not share my information)
Additional Comments?



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