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The SWS model is based on three major tenets—educating, mentoring, and investing—which are combined to form a framework by which we execute all operations and launch new programs.


SWS operates various programming opportunities that are offered to members across all chapters, including the following programs and events:

  • The National Conference held annually in NYC - brings together members from all of our chapters for informational seminars, interactive workshops, inspirational speakers and networking opportunities.
  • The National Summit held annually in NYC - brings our Executive Board Team leaders together from each of our chapters for an interactive event to discuss best practices, share ideas, and participate in workshops designed to address leadership, team building and time management skills.
  • The Stock Pitch Competition - SWS members form teams at their chapter and apply for entry into the National Stock Pitch Competition. The purpose of learning how to research and pitch a stock within Smart Woman Securities is to learn how to find, research and explain an investment idea. They will learn how to summarize key points and respond to questions about their company under time constraints. The final round would be a daylong event hosted by a sponsor company who will provide the venue, the judges for the competition, a keynote speaker and a tour of the office.
  • Corporate Treks - Several times throughout the school year, SWS National will arrange Treks (with local, regional or national chapter participation) where we will visit 3-5 companies in a day. Treks are designed to give students a practical understanding of both daily life in their field of interest and how they can best prepare themselves to successfully find a career in that field. Participating students have the opportunity to expand their professional network, learn more about potential jobs and internships, and find out whether a particular career field matches their interests, skills, and values. Currently we are programming for the New York, Boston, Washington, DC, San Francisco and Chicago area.
  • Virtual Investment Portfolio: The purpose of this experience is to give SWS members an opportunity to gain experience researching stocks, managing an investment portfolio, and tracking investment performance. The real goal here is to gain a better understanding of the investment process and keep our members actively engaged in the process. Each Investment Board of the SWS chapter manages one portfolio that can be tracked during a friendly competition among the chapters.

























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