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The SWS Seminar Series is an intensive ten-week program through the fall semester, where students gain knowledge about the markets, develop analytical and research skills, and learn about the SWS investing principles.  Participants attend weekly 1 ½ hour seminars comprised of lectures, workshops, simulations, and other programming taught by invited professors, experts in the field, industry professionals, or SWS Mentors.  These meetings provide SWS members with the opportunity to research and formulate investment opinions for a variety of companies.


The SWS curriculum for the Seminar Series has been developed from extensive meetings with investment professionals, lengthy research on the subjects involved, and speaking to students on what they wish to learn about investing.  Each seminar is carefully planned and is designed to build upon the previous seminar.  In order to give students a comprehensive overview of investing principles, a copy of the Powerpoint presentation, as well as a supplementary handout, is available to the students attending each seminar so they can follow along with the speaker.




SWS helped me develop a deeper understanding and appreciation for investing, both on a personal and professional level. In addition to being extremely informative, SWS' speakers brought personality and charm to investment principles. Meanwhile, SWS helped build a community of diverse yet like-minded women; SWS's programming encouraged us connect to and learn from one another while developing long-lasting friendships.


- SWS Member, Harvard








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