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Smart Woman Securities (SWS) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. At the national level, it is run by the Executive Director who is overseen by a Board of Directors. Together, they are responsible for the overall policy and direction of SWS.


The Executive Director delegates responsibility for day-to-day operations to the chapter organizations. Chapters are run by student leaders at each university in which SWS operates.


While SWS provides resources, support, and guidance for its chapter organizations and leaders, each chapter is independently run by students.

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our chapters



chapter structure


At the chapter level, SWS is run completely by students. Student leaders manage all operations of the chapter, including recruiting, programming, and fundraising. While all SWS chapters are independently overseen by student leaders, the national Board of Directors provides resources and guidance. SWS colleges typically follow the recommended chapter structure:


Within each college chapter, all prospective SWS Associates must go through the extensive Education Program, in which they gain knowledge about the markets, interact with mentors, develop analytical and research skills, and learn about the SWS investing principles. SWS Associates also have the opportunity to interact with mentors representing a variety of fields and interests.


After finishing training, SWS Associates have the opportunity to participate in Research Teams as Research Analysts.  SWS Analysts conduct research on individual companies within an industry and present stock recommendations to the Investment Board in their chapter.  The student-run Board ultimately makes the investment decisions for the chapter's Investment Fund.



By giving students the opportunity to manage real money within a portfolio, SWS embraces the “learning-by-doing” model of investment education.




chapter leadership


College chapters consist of an Executive Board that oversees the operations of that chapter’s activities. The Executive Board at each chapter manages the day-to-day operations of SWS, including school-wide educational programs, mentoring initiatives, and the investment fund(if applicable).


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SWS National


While each chapter is responsible for its own operations, all chapters are overseen by SWS National. At the National level, SWS is run by an Executive Director under the supervision of a Board of Directors. SWS National provides support to all existing chapters, recruits new chapters, executes all National programs, and develops new programs that meet the organization's mission and provide more educational opportunities for members across all chapters.


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