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Members of SWS Research Teams study an industry more in-depth, ultimately recommending stocks which they believe will be good investments for SWS. Research Teams further allow students to conduct analysis, learn about companies, and become more comfortable in the investment realm. Professionals within each industriy serve as mentors and provide insight into the market; however, the ultimate investment thesis is made by students alone. Essentially, the Research Teams serve as the think tank for each chapter of SWS, ensuring that all investment recommendations come from careful and judicious research.


SWS Research Teams are comprised of Analysts chosen after completion of the Seminar Series and Investment Project.   These students are placed into specific industries, and within each industry, students learn more about valuation techniques, conduct background research on the main companies, and further analyze the industry as a whole. Not only are students learning more on their own, they also have the opportunity to make real-life investment recommendations.

Senior Analysts: Lead team of SWS Analysts within one of the five specific industries that SWS currently covers. Senior Analysts are chosen based on their knowledge of the industry, leadership ability, and their performance as Analysts within the teams.


Analysts: Analysts work within a team (or teams) to cover an industry to research companies, write reports, and present the team's recommendations to the Investment Board.




Working in small research teams with the other women of SWS really makes a difference when first learning about investing. I ended up getting a lot of help, not just from the research team analyst but also from the experiences and work of my fellow associates.


I think the best thing about SWS is that it makes investing and other financial transactions seem manageable and gives you the confidence and the tools to take responsibility for your own financial future. After only a year with the group, I was inspired to start investing on my own; I don't think I could have done that without the resources, knowledge, and support I got from SWS.


- SWS Associate , Columbia







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