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our mission

We educate undergraduate women on finance and investments. We seek to empower our members to be the next generation of successful female leaders with greater investment knowledge and financial influence.


who we are

SWS is a 501-C-3 non-profit organization with chapters at 25 colleges including Boston College, Bowdoin College, Brown University, Carnegie Mellon University, Columbia University, Cornell University, Dartmouth College, Duke University, Fordham University, Georgetown University, Gettysburg College, Harvard University,  Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Notre Dame University,  New York University, Princeton University , Stanford University, University of California-Berkeley, University of Chicago, University of Pennsylvania, University of Southern California,

University of Virginia, Wellesley College, William and Mary College and Yale University


what we do

Each SWS member must complete an extensive training program, including a ten week seminar series and an Investment Project, in which she gains knowledge about the markets, develops analytical and research skills, and learns about the SWS investing principles. During our local, regional and National conferences, we invite industry professionals to share their insights and expertise with our members. We provide workshops, interactive events and panel discussions that will educate and empower them to be the next wave of financial leaders. We aim to expose our members to successful women in the industry who will serve as role models and mentors, to assist them in developing the skills and confidence necessary to maintain productive, long term careers as leaders in the financial industry.


how we do it

SWS National provides the guidance, support and resources, while the Executive Board at each chapter is responsible for the day to day operations on their campus. The Executive Board is made up of enterprising undergraduate women who are interested in the financial markets and have demonstrated great achievement as dynamic individuals and leaders in the community. The success of SWS relies on these smart, talented, ambitious women who are passionate about the financial markets and investing in their futures.


Thank you for your interest in our organization. Please fill out the form below to indicate your areas of volunter interest and we will send you more detailed information about the opportunities.


We look forward to your involvement!


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Through Forte Foundation
Through 100 Women in Finance
Through J.P.Morgan
Through Point72 Asset Management
Through Fidelity Investments
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Would you be interested in participating in any of the following opportunities? Please check all that apply.
Serving as a mentor to individual members
Serving as an adviser to chapter Executive Boards
Serving as an adviser to Research Teams
Serving as an adviser to Investment Boards
Serving as a judge in the Stock Pitch Competition
Serving as a speaker in the seminar series at individual chpaters
Cohost informational chapter calls on topics such as marketing, recruiting, budgeting, fundraising, etc.
Write curriculum for advanced track
Serve as a panelist during The National Conference
Participate in dinners/networking receptions
Unable to commit at this time
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