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In the traditionally male-dominated realm of investing, SWS aims to empower women to take hold of their financial futures. Similarly, the future of SWS depends not only on the dedication of its members, but also on the generous support of benefactors. We welcome both men and women supporters to be involved with our financial empowerment movement.




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why is SWS relevant?


women will be in charge of more money in the coming years…

$1 trillion
or about 60% of total wealth, will be controlled by women in 2010, according to Allianz Life
women have not invested at the same rate as men…

47% vs. 30%

of women vs. men, who report not being knowledgeable at all about investing, according to a 2005 Merrill Lynch Investment Managers survey

women are interested in learning about investing…
of women surveyed by Oppenheimer Funds in 2006 say they wished they had learned more about investing growing up
…and we believe that SWS can help them reach their goals.
14% vs. 95%
of SWS Associates before vs. after completing the Education Program, who scored themselves “average” or better in their knowledge of investing (see more details in graph on sidebar)




































what SWS alums had to say


SWS made the study of finance digestible for me, someone who was previously baffled by its nuances. Its well-planned curriculum and experienced instructors makes the world of finance accessible to any woman interested in learning about investing, no matter her educational background or career interests. SWS Alum, McKinsey & Company


It is lamentable that ambitious women who excel in almost every field of study are lacking the investing skills that could turn their learning into earning. Smart Woman Securities not only offered me unprecedented access to some of today's most knowledgeable and personable individuals in the business and finance world, but also showed me that it was okay to be starting from scratch. It never felt like there was a wasted moment in SWS and I am grateful for the resources invested in my investing potential.  – SWS Alum, Yale Law School




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